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If you drive a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle on the public roads and streets of Texas, as per 6 hour driver education course Texas you are required to obtain a driving license. It is mandatory for all Texas residents to acquire a driving license if you meet the following conditions:

  • Registered for voting in the state
  • Registered their children in a public school
  • Have got a permanent job in Texas; or
  • Live in the state for continuously for a month

You are not required to obtain a driving license on the following conditions:

  • If you are driving a motor vehicle owned by the military, while you are on duty.
  • If you are moving farm equipment from your farm to a nearby farm operation or farm land (the distance shouldn’t be greater than 2 miles).
  • If you are a visitor or a student who already possess a driving license in your home country or state.

You are required to acquire a driving license in Texas if you:

  • Are 16 years or older (check the graduated licensing system of Texas on page 6)
  • Can provide proof of your age and name
  • Are under 18 and have completed the licensed driving education course successfully
  • Have passed the necessary driving license test
  • Are under 18 but have got the consent of your parent/guardian
  • Have got other any other identification card or driving license
  • Have never had your driving license cancelled, barred, disqualified, suspended, denied or revoked.
  • Have never been charged with unsafe driving of a motor vehicle because of any physical or mental disability.
  • Have never gotten charged with any fines for violation of traffic rules and regulations

Your eyesight is crucial when it comes to obtaining a driving license, and the laws in Texas clearly state that you have to clear a vision screening test in order to obtain a driving permit or license, or if you are renewing your driving license. The vision screening will ensure that you have got a vision of 20/40 in one eye with the aid or without the aid of corrective lenses.